Community Shop

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Our community shop is now open to members of the local community and the parent/carers of pupils at Inmans Primary School. The shop is situated in the main entrance of the school and is open term time Monday-Friday.


We have signed up to the Fareshare scheme which takes food, with a short shelf life, from the supermarkets and instead of heading to landfill, it is distributed to charities and community groups like us.


We were horrified to learn that perfectly good food, which has two to three days left, is thrown out! 

So, as well as welcoming the wider community, we thought we could encourage parents doing the school run to double up as a trip to the shops!

The shop will stock all types of savoury snacks, preserves, tinned food, fruit and veg, toiletries and baby products.

Everything is the same price so we have 6 items for £3 or 10 items for £5! 

It’s was a win-win for us. 

·         We get to support this amazingly worthwhile initiative

·         Everything we raise goes back into the school and our community

·         Our community get a great deal on their food shopping every week.